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A Big Welcome to Gold Prospectors & Miners

A good old fashion Welcome & Greetings to Prospectors & Miners from around the globe!

Our migration to a brand new website, from our regular Facebook Discussion group;  Prospecting Adventures was born out of necessity. While social networks are a great tool, and a handy place to have light discussions, they do have their limitations too.   With decades of experience our Administrative Team recognizes that it is difficult to keep information organized in social network discussion groups.  Information that our group members wanted to be able to access and search in a manner that was better than ‘simply scrolling down the posts‘.

As a result, and with a bit of luck in accessing the right resources, through our Administrative Team members, who are familiar with website creation, we were able to ‘strike off on our own‘, so to say.  Migrating away from relying on social networks for our community members to communicate, share adventures, ask questions related to prospecting and mining, and, as we like to say – Share. Discuss. Learn.

We encourage our new members to share our website in your other prospecting groups.  The more accumulative shared knowledge gathered, the better the resource Prospecting Adventures becomes to our members, the prospecting sector, and mining industry as a whole.

Thank you for your continued support of our volunteer efforts, and you can seriously help us by “Spreading the Love” sharing news about our efforts to your prospecting and mining friends & family.

With Warm Regards,

Administration Team

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Founding member of Prospecting Adventures, Senior Consultant for Alberta Gold Mining & Exploration. Owner of of Kinuso Hotel and Jack Pine Mine (placer gold lease) in Alberta, Canada.

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  1. AU Prospector September 18, 2018 at 2:29 am

    Hi, what a great idea!
    Look forward to seeing what you folks put together on this website in the months to come.

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