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The Origin of Prospecting Adventures

Where to start? What has transformed into our Prospecting Adventures entity has taken several years to evolve into what it is today.  A grass-roots, volunteer driven, project that has went through changes as improvements, and at times, out of necessity.   Our Administrative Team represents the combined accumulative knowledge of decades of expertise with prospecting activities. Some of our team members are well experienced with hobby, small-scale, recreation based experience in prospecting. Other team members have industry related formal education in related sectors as background for their day to day careers.

As a volunteer driven project, we are always encouraging others from around the world, with a desire to pass along their expertise in prospecting, to participate as article contributions, forum discussion participation, and sharing their prospecting adventures with our members at large. For this precise reason, it is why we promote the motto:  Share. Discuss. Learn.

Our Administration Team has worked together on a volunteer bases, for some members, as long as four years now; our newest administrative addition was over two years ago now.   Rather than speaking for these individuals, and what the Prospecting Adventure project means to them, you can review their individual profiles below on this page.

Our origin of becoming a team collective was born in volunteering as co-administrators withing social network discussion groups related to multiple interests related to prospecting;  such as gold prospecting; metal detecting; treasure hunting, small-scale (owner/operator) mining ventures – and all the topics that go with those activities; geology, geophysical, GIS/mapping, and historical archives research, academic study, equipment, techniques and practices, mentoring, guides, and tours related to prospecting adventures.

As we crest into a new format, expanding beyond social media discussion groups into a domain and website presence; we remain to be a loosely formed, unofficial and unregistered entity; although this will need to be addressed in the weeks and months ahead as we continue to grow in membership.  Any revenues generated through website services and advertising is tracked and accounted for through business accounting practices, and used to pay for web presence deployment and related ongoing operations maintenance costs of operating Prospecting Adventures.  At a point in time when the web presence operates at a net profit, this project may look at taking on some official registered form as an entity; until that point in time, expenses related to web presence deployment and ongoing related costs are being paid by founding administration member, Scott Astle, owner of Alberta Gold Mines & Exploration, Jack Pine Mine, and Kinuso Hotel.

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