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Article Contributors

Do You Like To Write? We are always looking for article contributors! 

What Does becoming An Article Contributor Involve?

  • Willingness to write prospecting related articles that will go through a ‘peer-review’ process before being published on Prospecting Adventures.
  • A commitment to submit articles regularly; this can be once a month or once a week.
  • An understanding that your article content should be within your wheelhouse of experience.

What Topics Can A Contributor Write About?

  • It’s a pretty open list of topics, really.  As long as it is related to prospecting, here are some examples:
    • Adventure writing – storytelling
    • How-To’s & Tutorials
    • Education & Awareness
    • Historical Events & Research
    • Technical & Techniques
  • These broad topics can cover a wide range of sectors within the mining & recreation sectors, including:
    • Prospecting, Fossicking, Treasure Hunting, Metal Detecting, Mining
    • Equipment, Operations, Maintenance, Tips, Performance Enhancements
    • Geology, Fluid Dynamics, Hydrology, GIS, Mapping, Geophysical, Geochemical, Remote Imaging & Sensoring
    • Gold Commodities & Investments, Gold Mines & Claims, Present & Historical, Goldfields, Gold Rushes, In-Community Unique History

What Benefits Are There To Being An Article Contributor?

  • First and foremost, our motto;  Share. Discuss. Learn.  You will be contributing to teaching others, sharing your knowledge.
  • Secondly, many of our contributors are career professionals in prospecting related sectors & industries;  Their business gains exposure through their articles contributions with Prospecting Adventures.  Ask us for more details about this benefit, if you are a business owner or service provider.
  • Your article contributions add to the volumes of knowledge that add to our resources as an educational research centre.

In just getting launched, there is a unique opportunity for those that are ambitious and dedicated as an Article Contributor.  Given we have just started out, the paramters and restrictions related to Article Contributions may change in the months to come.  At this point in time, good article writers are sought after, but when we get enough contributors with a regular commitment, that could change.

If you are interested in becoming an Article Contributor, please send us an email, and we’ll see how things develop.

Submit An Article Form

If you wish to submit an Article to be reviewed by our Peer Review Team, you can use the following form.  Your submission will be reviewed by our Peer Review Team, and you will be contacted to confirm you want your article posted before it goes “live” on the Prospecting Adventures website.  You may also submit up to three (3) attachments – those attachments may be in JPG, PNG, GIF, TXT, PDF formats, and limited to 5012KB (5mb) in file size each.