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Our Prospecting-Related Retailer & Services Sponsors

With Our Prospecting Related Sponsors Help As we get into our beta-launch and testing the various functions of our website operations and services; We can not say THANK YOU, enough, to our various sponsors!  Without their participation and contributions, none of this would be possible! We do our best to have added-value packaged

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Nova Scotia – Environment Minister Wants Info on Impacts of Proposed Gold Mine

Nova Scotia - Minister Wants More Info on Impacts of Proposed Gold Mine (via Frances Willick · CBC News)  Nova Scotia's environment minister has told the company behind a proposed gold mine on the Eastern Shore she needs more information to make a decision on whether to approve or reject the project. Toronto-based Anaconda Mining

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Responsible Prospecting & Good Environmental Stewardship

Responsible, Gold, Prospecting, Environmental, Stewardship is very important. With prospecting activity in any region , we would like to remind all those prospecting in various goldfields and districts to be Good Environmental Stewards in all of their prospecting activities. Myself, as an Alberta permit-holding prospector and commercial MAIM exploration company, we have responsibility to

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Buritica Gold Mine – Three killed in Colombia Attack

Continental Gold's Buritica Mine - Three killed in Colombia Attack Sept 20 (via Reuters) - Canadian miner Continental Gold said on Thursday three of its geologists were killed in Colombia's northern Antioquia province in an armed attack attributed to dissident members of a former rebel group. Three others were also injured in the

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