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Responsible Prospecting & Good Environmental Stewardship

Responsible, Gold, Prospecting, Environmental, Stewardship is very important. With prospecting activity in any region , we would like to remind all those prospecting in various goldfields and districts to be Good Environmental Stewards in all of their prospecting activities.

Myself, as an Alberta permit-holding prospector and commercial MAIM exploration company, we have responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of any activities and the resulting ground disturbance when prospecting.

We have a responsibility to return the lands to the “best possible” likeness of original condition, in leaving an area that has seen someone’s prospecting activities.


“Leave no traces of visit on your adventures. What you take into the wilderness, you bring out with you. There should be no garbage left behind. What sampling holes you dig, are filled back in – properly – cobble and gravel covered by loam and organic matter – the way you found it when you started”

This responsibility can not be stressed enough, and needs to be taken very seriously. Whether a prospector is working a cobble bar along side a river, and making sure to fill in their excavation spots with their tailings; Or if one is digging a cobble seam out of the side of an exposed bank, and taking counter measures against future erosion because of the ground disturbance.

As prospectors and miners, we should be always conscious and considerate of using local neighbouring (next-to / same-area) top soil loam from the area as natural reseeding bed material to spread over areas worked, when already reclaimed with bed of original stop soil. Always put top soil a side when digging, separate pile. Then when filling in the hole you’ve dug, put the top soil back on top of the now filled hole.

Prevent Erosion – Respect the Riparian Zone of Water Courses.

When on banks and benches above watercourse water levels. If there are any concerns of erosion, that efforts are made to help the seed bed get started, stop or slow erosion – placing dead fall branches from spruce or pine across the area over top of the seed bed, some have used a bail of straw (or picked a bunch of winter-killed long dried grass) placed on top of the seed bed, which will discourage water trenching, straw/grass held in place by then thrown a light layer of soil on top along with dead fall branches.

The efforts made should reflect that those who were prospecting the area, were responsible in their efforts to complete proper reclamation, and return the ground disturbance back to normal.

As experienced prospectors, we have an obligation to mentor proper standards and practices to new prospectors. Acknowledging our responsibility of maintaining good environmental stewardship in Alberta prospecting practices.

We would appreciate all other prospectors that may work ground the region, to maintain these standards for everyone’s benefit.

Properly reclamation of a dig site – Can’t Tell someone was even there

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Founding member of Prospecting Adventures, Senior Consultant for Alberta Gold Mining & Exploration. Owner of of Kinuso Hotel and Jack Pine Mine (placer gold lease) in Alberta, Canada.

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