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Estimating Remaining Daylight By Using Your Hand

Estimating Remaining Daylight By Using Your Hand If you're out in the unforgiving wilderness (or just want to get home before dark), you can easily estimate how long until the sun sets using your fingers. All you need to do is extend your arm fully and count the number of finger widths between

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Rivers – Skim-Bars – Placer Gold Deposits

Rivers - Skim-Bars - Placer Gold Deposits One of the most notable things about Skim-Bar Placer gold Deposits is that they form on the top surface of gravel bars, as opposed to coarser gold, where the weight of the gold particles allows the gold to settle down on or near bedrock.  This means you are

Responsible Prospecting & Good Environmental Stewardship

Responsible, Gold, Prospecting, Environmental, Stewardship is very important. With prospecting activity in any region , we would like to remind all those prospecting in various goldfields and districts to be Good Environmental Stewards in all of their prospecting activities. Myself, as an Alberta permit-holding prospector and commercial MAIM exploration company, we have responsibility to

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The New Gold Rush – Deep Sea Mining

The New Gold Rush - Deep Sea Mining Closer than the moon, yet less well-mapped than Mars, the Earth’s seafloor remote habitat has caught the attention of humans, who are lining up to begin mining the bottom of the deep blue sea. As technology and infrastructure drive the demand for minerals, and terrestrial resources

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